David Allen Krause

David Allen Krause, a bard at heart and a spreadsheet builder by passion, was introduced to the fantastical world of True Dungeon in 2007 by Feedback (Matthew Atherton), the champion of the first season of Who Wants To Be a Superhero. That same year, David donned the mantle of a bard for his first True Dungeon experience, a class that would become his signature and a persona that would be known as Amorgen Burke.

In 2009, volunteering as a Player Coach at True Realm ignited his desire to create a user-friendly, community-driven spreadsheet that empowered True Dungeon players to optimize their characters, regardless of their software choice.

Nearly a decade of dedication to the True Dungeon community saw David recognized for his contribution. In 2017, he received the named token "Amorgen's Amazing Ocarina", featuring his own dragon tooth ocarina, acquired in commemoration of the successful defeat of Smoak.

When he's not composing music, updating spreadsheets, or playing tabletop or video games, David enjoys guiding adventurers as a Dungeon Master for Virtual True Dungeon or coaching players at conventions.

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