True Dungeon Tokens - Enter the Dungeon Prepared!

Sell/Trade Tokens

We obviously sell tokens here at, but did you know that we also ...

  • Buy collections
  • Trade tokens for gold
  • Trade gold for tokens


We understand that not everyone *wants* to have thousands of tokens around. If you are looking to thin out your collection, want to switch to a different class, or have just decided to stop playing, please feel free to contact us.

Many of our tokens have gold prices on the product detail page, the average True Dungeon player doesn't have much use for gold, but they have more than enough use for tokens to round out a character build. We offer the option to swap gold for tokens, and if we are looking for particular inventory, we also swap tokens for gold. Sadly, PayPal isn't currently set up to accomidate True Dungeon Gold as a currency, so you will need to contact us directly for gold trades.