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Pre-Order 2016 Ultra Rare Tokens

Currently we are taking pre-orders for the 2016 token release. We are offering a PYPP (Pick Your Purple Program) that will let you take all the guesswork out of getting the purple token you need for your character build. You get to choose the 2015 or 2016 Ultra Rare token you want, and simply add it to your cart. No muss, no fuss.

We are offering a discount for multiple PYPP pre-orders, if you pre-order more than ten PYPP tokens, you will receive a $10 discount per token. This discount is applied once your shopping cart has the qualifying amount. Only to
PYPP tokens of course :)

We are also offering 'Second Tooth of Cavadar' Tokens for sale. For every six PYPP tokens you pre-order, the shopping cart will adjust the price of a 'Second Tooth of Cavadar' token in your cart to $100.00.
At the moment, this is limited to four teeth per order. We are willing to negotiate on larger teeth orders through email.

Pre-orders will be filled in the order that we receive payment.

Our pricing will be reviewed once tokens have shipped from True Dungeon, so make sure you get your pre-order in before then!

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