True Dungeon Tokens - Enter the Dungeon Prepared!

Forgive the dust, we are still putting the finishing touches on the new webstore.

We are currently taking pre-orders on tokens for the 2016 event season.


What is True Dungeon?

True Dungeon is a  life-size, walk through dungeon environment. It isn't a Live Action Role Playing event, instead True Dungeon focuses on problem solving, teamwork and tactics while providing exciting sets and interactive props. Players may find themselves creeping down a dark passageway and entering a long-forgotten crypt. After dispatching a lurking guardian, the players may have to solve a cryptic puzzle or find a secret door in order to gain a wondrous treasure chest.  This might be a chest that might hold a shocking surprise if opened without care. It takes two hours to explore the dungeon, and teams of ten players need only bring their imagination and quick wit. No prior D&D or gaming experience is needed. In fact, a party with an array of different experience levels usually does well. This is a perfect vehicle to let some non-D&D gamers experience the fun and thrills of dungeoneering.

"Simply put, True Dungeon is the coolest event in the gaming universe. It’s the largest event at Gen Con, in fact it’s so big that Gen Con has to open registration for it separate from the rest of the event listing or the system crashes. It’s so cool it has its own line of merchandise that is traded on the secondary market like collectibles. It must be seen to be believed! I am very proud to have True Dungeon as the Gen Con centerpiece.”
-- Peter Adkison, CEO/Owner Gen Con, LLC

"True Dungeon takes all those images we built in our imaginations and makes them real.  When a DM says, "You have about 10 seconds before the walls closes," you better make a quick decision because there is an actual door sliding shut in front of you.
-- Wil Wheaton, "Wesley" from "Star Trek:TNG" and web geek guru


What are True Dungeon Tokens?

Tokens represent the gear, weapons, armour, and equipment that your adventurer carries with them into the dungeon. Tokens are not 'required' to have fun in True Dungeon, but they can certainly help you make it out alive! Maybe you want your Fighter to hit a little harder? Does your party want to keep their Cleric alive and healing? A new weapon or some new armour can help accomplish that task.

That is where we come in!

We have a large inventory of useful tokens to help you - a grizzled veterin, or a new adventurer - survive True Dungeon. We are happy to offer advice for the level that you think you might be playing at, or even just chat with you about what to expect. A reasonable build for a fist time adventurer can be had for less than the ticket price for the Dungeon ... and for the seasoned adventurer, we have a fine selection of Ultra Rare and Transmuted tokens to make 'Nightmare Mode' a little easier.

 You can get started browsing here.



We just want to be clear, while we love True Dungeon, we are in no way officially affiliated with True Adventures, Ltd.